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Dr. Krystal Gillis and Dr. Robert Sexauer are certified and licensed providers of FastBraces®
Rating: 5Dentist Clinton - 5 Star Reviewed by M.R
Dr. Krystal Gillis & Dr. Robert Sexauer Reviewed by M.R
  All were very professional and made me feel very comfortable. I was especially impressed by the new Dr. Crystal. She explained all my options very well and seemed very knowledge. Thank You. 
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Dr. Sexauer, Liz and even Amy at the front desk made us feel very welcome!! You guys sure know how to make someone feel special...even when you are poking them with a needle!
~ C.T. (Sep 23, 2013)

Edentulism (the loss of natural teeth) is an unfortunately common dental problem. The traditional solution for complete tooth loss in the upper or lower arch is a traditional denture. Although these appliances are known for being uncomfortable and difficult to stabilize, we have much better technology and materials today than in the past. When designed by a skilled, experienced dentist such as Dr. Robert Sexauer or Dr. Krystal Gillis, dentures can be a beautiful, healthy, economical solution. We use only the highest quality and most biocompatible materials available for both the acrylic base and the teeth.
The exact procedure for creating a denture will vary, depending on your goals and circumstances. The first step is an examination, and a discussion. If you have some teeth remaining, which can be restored to good health, a partial denture may be recommended. However, if your existing teeth are badly damaged, infected, or you choose not to restore them, extractions will be needed. In this case, we will need to wait for the gums to heal before completing the denture.
To create your dentures, we will take an impression of the inside of your mouth. We take great care in achieving precision and accuracy with this impression, because a proper fit is the key to both comfort and stability of a denture. We also utilize the technical and artistic principles of smile design to create a denture that looks exactly like beautiful, natural teeth.
Generally, a well-made upper denture forms suction against your gums and the roof of your mouth, holding it in place quite securely. Lower dentures are horseshoe-shaped, to accommodate the tongue. Therefore, the surface size of a lower denture is smaller, making a snug fit more challenging. A tiny bit of denture adhesive can remedy this problem. If you prefer to avoid any concerns about loose or slipping appliances, and help preserve your jawbone, we also offer implant-supported dentures.
Whether you have worn dentures for decades, or this is your very first denture, you can count on us to deliver a beautiful denture, designed for optimal comfort and functionality, at a reasonable price. Call (660) 885-6933 and schedule an appointment today.