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Dr. Krystal Gillis and Dr. Robert Sexauer are certified and licensed providers of FastBraces®
Rating: 5Dentist Clinton - 5 Star Reviewed by M.R
Dr. Krystal Gillis & Dr. Robert Sexauer Reviewed by M.R
  All were very professional and made me feel very comfortable. I was especially impressed by the new Dr. Crystal. She explained all my options very well and seemed very knowledge. Thank You. 
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The best dentists for holistic dentistry in Clinton, MO avoid amalgam to safeguard your health

Very pleased with all aspects of the service performed. Very professional, and the most personal and complete of any exam in the past. Thanks.
~ L.R. (Oct 8, 2013)
The more research that has been done, the more we have learned how oral health can impact the entire body. The oral-systemic connection is very real and very important because general health can be negatively impacted if oral health issues are not handled with the best possible care. Dr. Robert Sexauer and Dr. Kelly Gillis are holistic dentists who offer families from Clinton, MO and surrounding areas outstanding care in which materials and techniques are carefully planned.

One of the key components of holistic dental care is the use of mercury-free fillings. Dental amalgam has been a standard of care for more than a hundred years. Due to the use of mercury in amalgam, dentists such as Dr. Sexauer and Dr. Gillis seek alternatives for their patients. Mercury is a natural substance with only a few others more poisonous. The capabilities of mercury to seep out of amalgam fillings and into the body are great, and many people have experienced a dramatic improvement in health by having these fillings replaced with mercury-free composite resin or other metal-free restorations.

In addition to affecting health, amalgam fillings are also unattractive to many people due to their obvious appearance in the smile. Whether a tooth near the front of the mouth or a tooth near the back requires restoration, there is an understandable desire for natural beauty. Why look like you've had dental work done if you don't have to?

Through the use of mercury-free dental materials, we can:
  • Greatly reduce the risk of toxicity due to mercury exposure
  • Create better resistance against bacteria in the area of the filling
  • Restore the smile to a natural aesthetic
  • Fortify the damaged tooth with material the expands and contracts similarly to enamel
Dr. Sexauer has been providing his patients with outstanding dental care for many years. He is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and follows strict safety protocols in the handling of amalgam mercury fillings. Dr. Gillis has extensive training in preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. This dental team works with their patients to promote healthy, happy, attractive smiles.

Your smile matters to us. Call (660) 885-6933 to schedule your dental exam and cleaning.

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