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Dr. Krystal Gillis and Dr. Robert Sexauer are certified and licensed providers of FastBraces®
Rating: 5Dentist Clinton - 5 Star Reviewed by M.R
Dr. Krystal Gillis & Dr. Robert Sexauer Reviewed by M.R
  All were very professional and made me feel very comfortable. I was especially impressed by the new Dr. Crystal. She explained all my options very well and seemed very knowledge. Thank You. 
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Working with a holistic dentist in Clinton, MO can improve your quality of life

Dr. Sexauer, Liz and even Amy at the front desk made us feel very welcome!! You guys sure know how to make someone feel special...even when you are poking them with a needle!
~ C.T. (Sep 23, 2013)

Over several decades and ample research, the benefit to practicing holistic dentistry has become clear to more practitioners. Dr. Sexauer and Dr. Gillis provide their patients with care based on individual need, taking into consideration that dental problems, as well as some of the common solutions, can have a negative effect on general health. The principles followed in our office are those that promote health and wellness. This means that your dentist in Clinton, MO doesn't just treat symptoms, he or she will see the big picture and provide care that promotes long term results with minimal impact on the body.

There are several factors that set holistic dentistry apart from conventional practice. These include:

Digging deeper

There are no quick fixes in the holistic dental office. When addressing a dental problem, we also investigate the potential root cause. Sometimes, this will be found in another part of the body altogether. At the core of dental and many health problems is imbalance. By identifying causes for problems, we help our patients engage in healthy ways to avoid them in the future.

Advanced treatment options

Holistic dentistry seeks to prevent and repair tooth damage using gentle, biocompatible materials that are proven to last many years. The materials we use in patient care are carefully chosen to produce the desired effect without impacting health in a negative way. For instance, we repair cavities with mercury-free composite resin fillings. These are not only safer and healthier, but also more attractive.

Heavy metals

A variety of metals have been used in dentistry over the years. In early dentistry, many restorations were made of gold. As the need for affordable alternatives become clear, metals of a lesser quality became the norm. Research has shown us that metal restorations subject people to undue exposure and may lead to toxicity or other unpleasant effects that impact the optimal function of the body.

Care tailored to your needs

Dr. Sexauer and Dr. Gills have been providing outstanding dental care to patients of all ages for several years. Our team understands the benefit of personalized care as the basis for a healthy, happy smile.

We are happy to serve your family's dental needs. Call (660) 885-6933 today to schedule your visit.

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